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Hi! I’m Olga. I am a mom of two, a wife, a coach, and the owner of Savage Fit.

Interviewer: "Tell us about yourself"

Me: "I was born at a very young age"

Seriously, what do you do?

I help 40+ year old busy moms, like you, get healthier.


In the past 20+ years I have been on both sides of the fence - 15 lbs heavier and 15 lbs lighter. I starved myself to get a modeling contract in Paris, and then I gained 30 lbs, struggling with depression and emotional stress eating. I battled with sugar addiction, fought with anemia, and blood pressure issues. I had absolutely no energy to workout or perform daily tasks.

I got a coach and the rest is history…

I am 41 now, and I am in better health and shape than when I was in my 20s. My energy levels are consistently high - I manage my own business and homeschool two kids. I run a mile under 7 minutes, can do 20+ pull-ups in one set, lift and squat over 200 lbs. My blood pressure is stellar and anemia is far gone.

Nothing gives me more gratification in life than seeing another woman's transformation from not being comfortable in her own body to being bold, decisive, beautiful, strong and capable, in control - both mentally and physically. And it hurts to see so many women still selling themselves short.

How do you know what you know?

It may sound cliche, but the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.

I started with the base in Psychology, Exercise Science and Nutrition. Then sprinkled the Law degree on top, and another Master's in Communication. Then my husband and I opened our own gym, then another one, continued taking numerous courses and seminars, hired professional coaches for ourselves, helped thousands of people in our gyms for over a decade, and worked with clients remotely for years.

And yet, my motto is to never shy away from learning something new, because the moment you stop learning is the moment you start dying.

What kind of exercise program do you recommend?

Information is cheap. There are tons of free exercise programs on interwebs. However, it’s important to note that exercise is not “the medicine” when it comes to weight loss. Food is. Exercise program that by itself would help you achieve the body of your dreams and stellar health does not exist. 

Exercise is super important for your overall health. And yet no matter how good the exercise program is, it will not be sustainable, and therefore helpful, if you only think about it as something you MUST do to maintain your body weight. You need to actually like your exercise program and look forward to the next workout. And because we are all different, we will like different types of programs. My goal, as a coach, is to help you find that love for exercise. And of course the workouts need to be appropriate to your individual level and ability.

What kind of diet do you recommend?

The one that would work for you, personally, and the one that will be sustainable. Sustainability is an important aspect, and I’m not talking about months or even several years. If at some point it stopped working - it didn’t work to begin with.

How do your clients get such amazing results? What’s the secret sauce?

Our secret sauce is accountability “on steroids”. Knowing what to do is less than half the battle. Actually doing it is what’s challenging for most.

You talk about health a lot, though it feels different from how most people think about it. What is health to you?

Health is more than the conventional definition, which basically is the absence of disease. And it has little to do with a person's longevity.

Health is the ability to maintain an active lifestyle as long as possible. Active lifestyle does not mean driving your car to the store and walking your dog. Active lifestyle means being able to run, jump, throw, climb, lift weights, do bodyweight exercises, and play a variety of sports.

And even though it's become evident that healthier people defined as above also show significantly better traditional health metrics (blood pressure, HbA1c, cholesterol, etc) and avoid chronic disease well into their adulthood, most importantly they maintain a much better quality of life.

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Covid is a strange time... realizing my regular routine is not cutting it anymore I reached out to Olga to see if Noskov virtual system could help. I am very impressed with a comprehensive plan.. diet, workouts, lifestyle changes. It has been 3.5 weeks and I am 11 pounds down, but more importantly stronger and determined!

Anastasia Bard

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